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Pure DMT

N, N-Di-Methyl-Tryptamine (DMT) is a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid that is found within the cells of many plant & animal lifeforms. This alkaloid has also been found to be endogenous to the human brain (specifically the pineal gland), and new research indicates that it may actually be present in much higher levels than previously thought. DMT has been described by many as the most potent psychedelic on the face of the...



Even small doses of DMT can instantly produce visual hallucinations and auditory distortions. Depending on how it is taken, the dosage, and the person. The full effects of the drug takes around 30 to 45 minutes to kick in, and last up to 7-8 hours trip depending on the dosage.


Side effects of Pure DMT Powder

The main effect is psychological, also with intense visual and auditory hallucinations, euphoria, and an altered sense of space, body, and time. Many users describe profound as life-changing experiences like visiting other worlds, talking with alien entities known as “DMT elves” or “machine elves,” and total shifts in the perception of identity and reality. When also smoked, it produces brief but yet intense visual and auditory hallucinations that have been described by users as an alternate reality, otherworldly, or a near-death experience.

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